Street Level Consulting Case Study

Street Level Consulting has been a long-time patron of Decibite's hosting services, leading to an ongoing partnership in innovation. Susan is a natural-born nurturer and has supported her community as a nurse, counselor, and care-giver over the years. She even provided our founder the idea to focus our charitable giving to one cause - ... Read More »

11th Feb 2019
Evolving Humanity Case Study

Evolving Humanity designs and builds beautiful mindful websites for leaders and entrepreneurs. Early on Elena helped found Negative0 with Ben and Cedric, and in recent years Decibite has helped Elena support her clients while she surfs Bali, and backpacks the Mediterranean. With our managed servers Elena doesn’t run into the regular stream of ... Read More »

11th Feb 2019
BackerClub Case Study

Mark struggled to find a hosting service that could handle a high volume of emails and one that was equipped to handle a complex active database. After reaching the end of his rope with his previous hosting company, he was feeling discouraged and exhausted at the thought of yet another technical hurdle to overcome. He found a place to call home ... Read More »

11th Feb 2019
Recovery from System Failure

While conducting technical training we ran into a server wide issue that resulted in us needing to rebuild core elements of our cPanel webserver.Everything should now be restored and back online, but if you access the cPanel server directly rather than through the WHMCS portal you may encounter a few changed passwords. Please open a ticket or call ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2017